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Education is an important tool in the fight to end domestic abuse. By understanding the numerous types and complexities of domestic abuse, as well as the various traumatic effects abuse can have on the lives of abuse victims, members of the community become better able to respond to instances of domestic abuse. Below, you’ll find a number of resources, including resources for victims and survivors, resources for protective parents, resources for children and teens, resources for professionals, and resources for friends and family.

Safe At Home – Wisconsin’s Address Confidentiality Program

Safe at Home is a statewide address confidentiality program that provides victims of actual or threatened domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, and trafficking, or those who simply fear for their physical safety with a legal substitute address to be used for both public and private purposes. https://www.doj.state.wi.us/ocvs/safe-home

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Our Family Wizard

This is a program we highly recommend for co-parenting after DV. https://www.ourfamilywizard.com/

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Safe Exchange Program

The mission is to provide a neutral, child-friendly environment to bring about the physical transfer of children without the contact between the placement and nonplacement parents whereby the children will be assured a safe exchange free from parental conflict and violence. SafeExchangeBrochure

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