Victim-Survivor Support Services

The goal of the Harbor House's Victim-Survivor Support Services is to illuminate the path to a fulfilled life free from abuse and uncompromised by the physical and emotional challenges of domestic abuse.

Available to both men and women, as well as shelter residents and non-residents, this program offers domestic abuse advocacy, education, and support in a confidential, inclusive, and judgment-free environment. Programming is managed on your terms – we will never push you to share more than you want to, and we will never share what you tell us without your permission. Services are provided at both our Appleton and Chilton offices, as well as through our 24-hour helpline at (800) 970-1171.

Culturally Inclusive, Self-Directed Programming

While your situation may be similar to other clients, we realize that abuse doesn’t affect everyone the same. We strive to be mindful of shared commonalities, yet flexible enough to respond to the unique needs of your particular situation. Rather than taking a standardized approach to advocacy, we work with you as an individual to construct a specialized safety plan and offer personalized advocacy services to meet your specific needs.

Victim-Survivor Support Services Programming

While each of us must take our own journey to self-sufficiency and empowerment, an Advocate can provide valuable guidance along the way. Through one-on-one counseling, our Adult Advocates can help you recognize the types of abuse affecting your life, which may include emotional, financial, physical, psychological, sexual, or verbal abuse. Advocates can also direct you to a wide range of services including support groups, legal advocacy, economic advocacy, and referrals to other community resources.

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Individual Counseling

Available to outside clients and shelter residents, individual counseling sessions are held in a nonjudgmental environment. Appointments cover a wide range of topics including the various forms of domestic abuse, strategies for coping with trauma, and information on support groups and other resources.

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Safety Planning

Safety planning can include working with employers to ensure your safety while on the job, planning for safety at your child’s school or daycare, creating code words to discretely notify members of your support network that you may be in trouble, and making copies of important documents, IDs, and keys.

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Victim-Survivor Support Groups

Attending one of our support groups gives you the opportunity to meet with other individuals in similar situations, share stories, build new friendships and re-establish your support network. You’ll also learn skills to cope with any trauma you’ve experienced. In addition to our two general support groups for adults, we’ve also created a number of groups to address the needs of specific populations.

For group information, please contact Harbor House  (920) 832.1667.

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Economic Advocacy

At Harbor House, we understand the importance of self-sufficiency and financial fluency for our clients. Our economic advocacy services offer help with housing, employment, transportation, childcare, education, healthcare, mental health services, and more.

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Legal Advocacy

Our legal advocacy services use legal remedies to facilitate the safety and empowerment of those affected by domestic abuse. We offer assistance with restraining orders, criminal cases, divorce proceedings, custody and child support, immigration, and more.

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iBecause a substantial majority of our clients are women, most of our support groups are available to women only. While we also have a youth support group, there are no support groups for men at this time. However, men are welcome to seek individual counseling and safety planning, as well as legal and economic advocacy.