Community Education & Prevention

At Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs, we believe it takes an entire community working collectively to end the generational cycle of abuse.

In order to build our community’s capacity to respond to domestic abuse, Harbor House has developed two key initiatives – our Community Outreach initiative and our Prevention Education Initiative. By educating community members about domestic abuse and its repercussions, as well as how to help someone in an abusive relationship, we’re building a compassionate community of domestic abuse advocates. The more advocates we add to that community, the faster it grows, and the closer we get to ending domestic abuse in Northeast Wisconsin.

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Community Outreach

At Harbor House, we’re committed to strengthening our community’s awareness of and response to domestic abuse. This lets community members dealing with domestic abuse know they are not alone while preparing friends and family members to more effectively support their loved ones and neighbors.

Community Presentations

Community presentations educate community members about the complexities of domestic abuse, the services available through Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs, and how to access those services. Audiences are empowered with information on how to show support to a friend or loved one who may be in an unhealthy relationship.

Professional Training

We offer a number of specialized presentations for health care workers, educators, law enforcement officers, human resources professionals, clergy members, dentists, social workers, hair professionals, and more. These trainings focus one each professional’s role within the continuum of care for victims of domestic violence.

 Ready to schedule a Harbor House presentation for your group or organization? Contact our Community Education Specialist Erin Quesnell:

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Prevention Education

Prevention education is integral to leading children and teens into healthy relationships, aiding them in recognizing abusive behaviors, and most importantly, showing them how and when to get help for themselves and others.

Kids in Classroom

Classroom Presentations

Offered to school districts throughout Outagamie and Calumet Counties, our classroom presentations bring a message of anti-violence to more than 10,000 students and educators each year. We are the only Prevention Education program in Outagamie County with programming dedicated solely to anti-bullying, protective behaviors, recognizing healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, and the prevention of teen dating violence.

Programming is presented with an age-appropriate focus:

  • Grade K-2: Kindness and inclusion
  • Grade 3-6: The power of words and how to use them to uplift rather than tear down
  • Grade 7-9: Teen dating violence and recognizing the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Grade 10-12: Protective behaviors and relationship boundaries as students prepare for college and careers