Calumet County Rural Outreach Program

At Harbor House, we understand the unique challenges faced by residents in rural communities.

When you live in a rural community with limited access to social services or transportation, feelings of isolation can be intensified. Living in a rural community also makes it harder to maintain anonymity and keep your situation confidential. The Calumet County Rural Outreach Program addresses these barriers with targeted programming designed to reduce isolation and build connections – not just to our programs and services, but to other community supports such as friends and family.

Programming and Services

Located at 107 Southside Shopping Center in Chilton, Wisconsin, the Calumet County Outreach Office provides programming and services similar to those offered at our primary location in Appleton. Special attention is given to the unique circumstances facing domestic abuse victims and survivors living in rural and smaller communities.

By addressing client needs through individual counseling, safety planning, and advocacy services, Harbor House works to empower individuals, moving them from crisis and confinement to confidence and connection. We also participate in a number of community outreach initiatives including the Calumet County Coordinated Community Response Team and various prevention education efforts in local schools and throughout the community.

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Individual Counseling and Safety Planning

We start by developing a safety plan tailored to your unique situation. Once we know you’re safe, we can provide additional information on domestic abuse, discuss strategies for coping with trauma, and connect you to a variety of services including legal advocacy, economic advocacy, and children’s advocacy.

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Legal Advocacy

Our legal advocacy services include assistance obtaining restraining orders, preparation for domestic violence and child abuse cases, support during divorce and separation proceedings, help filing for child custody and child support, transportation and accompaniment to court proceedings, speaking to key stakeholders in the legal system, and assistance navigating the immigration system.

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Economic Advocacy

Economic advocacy includes basic education on financial literacy and the effects of financial abuse, assistance completing applications for continuing education and financial aid, job counseling and employment skills training, mentorships, job experience through Goodwill, help accessing healthcare and mental health services, housing assistance, transportation assistance, and childcare.

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Children’s Advocacy

We offer a number of services for young people affected by domestic violence. Individual counseling helps children and teens understand the impact of abuse and what constitutes a healthy relationship. We also offer educational advocacy to help moms strengthen lines of communication with their child’s school and legal advocacy to assist with proceedings involving custody, placement, or visitation.

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Coordinated Community Response Team

Calumet County Coordinated Community Response Team is facilitated by Harbor House and made up of law enforcement, probation and parole personnel, and members of the district attorney’s office. Members gather monthly to improve interagency communication, evaluate Calumet County’s response to domestic violence, promote public awareness of domestic abuse, and strengthen services throughout the system.

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Community Outreach & Prevention Education

We provide domestic abuse education to students, service professionals, business and government leaders, and various community members throughout Calumet County. We also coordinate a popular summer program – Girls EmPower – for young women at Brillion and Hilbert. This program inspires girls to be their best selves through journaling, art projects, and fun activities.

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