The Cycle of Abuse Does Not Change With or Without Money or Celebrity Status

Kanye West’s behavior is abusive, not romantic. Not allowing your partner to move on, using children and/or grandiose gifts as manipulation, threatening new partners, publicly sharing private conversations, and stalking/harassing while claiming to do it out of love is domestic abuse. The continued escalation of these behaviors is a red flag for lethality. Societal failures to name these behaviors as abusive and potentially lethal contributes to the generational nature of abuse.

In reality, for many survivors, this is a reminder that leaving an emotionally and/or physically abusive situation is not always the end of the power and control an abusive partner can have and just how far someone may go. The internet and technology can also make the abuse further reaching because the person causing harm potentially has more access to them.

Ending a relationship doesn’t automatically mean the abuse ends. We provide education on post-relationship abuse and continue to offer services and resources to protect victim-survivors. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these behaviors, please call Harbor House for support at 920-832-1667.