Warrior Princess Mud Run 2017 – Things you need to know!

Warrior Princess Mud Run 2017. Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You. Saturday, August 19

Warrior Princess Mud Run 2017 is just a week away! Here is everything you need to know for next Saturday!

Pre-Race Information:

  • When to Arrive: Please arrive at least one hour before your scheduled wave time. Day-of registration opens at 7:00am and closes at 10:30am. If you have already registered, arriving one hour before your wave will allow you to check-in, check your gear, take a mud-less photo, and get to the course.
  • Where to Park: For the safety of our participants and spectators, there is no parking on the grounds at Mosquito Hill Nature Center. Free parking is available at and around Granite Valley Forest Products, 500 County Road S, New London. Upon your arrival, you will see volunteers directing parking. If you have a team, carpooling is encouraged – get a playlist going and get pumped up for the Warrior Princess Mud Run on your way to Mosquito Hill!
  • Getting from Parking to the Course: Free shuttle service will be running continuously throughout the event between parking/registration and Mosquito Hill for participants and spectators. The road from parking to Mosquito Hill is not safe for foot traffic, so everyone must take the shuttle to and from the event. If you have family members coming, please make sure that any large items (like strollers) can be collapsed and fit easily on the bus. We’ll do our best, but we can’t promise “clean” seats for them, so please bring a towel or two for spectators to sit on to keep their clothing mud free! A limited number of handicap accessible parking spaces are available at Mosquito Hill.
  • Where to Register and Pick-up Race Packets: The registration tent will be located in the parking area. You must check-in, even if you have already registered, in order to receive your bib number.
  • Gear Check for Towels and Clean Clothes: When you arrive at Mosquito Hill, the gear check tent will be located near the main building. Drop off anything you’ll need post-race to get cleaned up.
  • Keep Your Shoes on Your Feet: When lacing up your shoes, you may want to consider taping your shoes to your feet. Sometimes shoes get stuck in the mud and you don’t want to pull a Cinderella and leave a shoe behind.
  • Donations: Thank you for getting out there and fundraising! Your efforts are making a difference! If you have been fundraising and have donations, please do not bring them to the event. Submit them to your Crowdrise account. At the event, we will have no way to link the donations to your fundraiser.
  • Event Day Registration: Registration will be available from 7:00am-10:30am on the day of the event. Anyone registering to participate the day of the event will need to be prepared to complete a registration form, sign a waiver, provide an emergency contact, and have cash ready or a check made out to Harbor House for $95 – we will not have the ability to accept credit card payments on site. Only select time waves are available. Participants registering the day of the event will be placed in the earliest available wave and will receive a t-shirt while supplies last.

Post-Race Information:

  • What to Do With Those Muddy Shoes: Chances are, your shoes are going to get pretty muddy. We have shoe bins out near the changing tents and wash station where you can leave your dirty shoes.
  • Showering and Changing: Showers are available after the race (there is no cost to use the showers). Please note that you must be wearing at least bra and underwear (underwear for men) while cleaning off. To make life even easier, you might want to consider wearing an old swimsuit underneath your running gear. Changing tents – one for women and one for men – will also be set up. When you head into the privacy of the changing tents, do what you have to do!
  • Food and Refueling: Thanks to our many generous sponsors, snacks and water will be ready for race participants. These items will be waiting for you outside of the changing tents after you have had a chance to clean up.

Other Information:

  • Spectator Viewing: Friends and family are encouraged to come watch and cheer you on as you take on the obstacles! There will be areas designated for prime spectator viewing, including at the finish line so your fans can cheer you across the finish line! However, as much as we love pets, they will need to stay home.
  • Activities for Kids: The Warrior Princess Mud Run will include a Kids’ Zone again this year! We will have 2 obstacles – courtesy of the Fox Valley’s Tough Kid Challenge. Mosquito Hill Nature Center will also be providing some fun activities including sensory tables, face painting, and tattoos (temporary, of course). While there will be volunteers facilitating the activities, kids will need adult supervision with them to play in the Kids’ Zone.
  • Food for All: Concessions will be located near the finish line. All proceeds from concessions sales will benefit the Friends of Mosquito Hill Nature Center. Cash or check accepted at the concessions.
  • Even Fro-Yo for You: Yum-Yums-Yogurt U Make, a frozen yogurt truck, will be selling customizable frozen yogurt! Great way to cool off and 10% of sales will go to Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs.
  • Plan Accordingly: The Warrior Princess Mud Run is not timed and is non-competitive. Depending on the individual, most participants complete the course in about 60 minutes.

Other Helpful Tips:

  • Listen to Your Body: It is summer in Wisconsin, so there is always a chance that it will be hot and humid. Remember that this event is not being timed and is non-competitive. Slow down and take breaks if you need to. There will be water stations set up throughout the course.
  • Work as a Team: Motivate each other and work as a team through each obstacle.
  • Leave Your Sunglasses Behind: We suggest not wearing sunglasses on the course, as there is a good chance they will get stuck in the mud somewhere.
  • You are going to cross the finish line wet and muddy: Bring a garbage/plastic bag for your wet and muddy clothes after the race, along with a clean outfit to change into. All the water and mud can really weigh down your clothing, wearing tight fitting clothes or tying up loose fitting ones will let you soar through the course!

Raise $150 or more for Harbor House and get your registration refunded

Have an even greater impact providing haven, help and hope for survivors in our community and putting an end to domestic violence by starting your own Warrior Princess Mud Run fundraiser. Fundraising is open to anyone and 100% of proceeds go directly to Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs.