It Was On Her To-Do List To Call Harbor House

Community outreach is so important to the Harbor House mission. Hmong Outreach Advocate, Xong Lee, shares a story of a chance encounter at a recent “Meet & Greet” event in Appleton:

A customer was walking out of Long Cheng Marketplace with her bubble tea when I had stopped her to ask if she had time to learn about our services. She glanced over at the booth with our Harbor House logo on it. “Have you heard about Harbor House?” I asked. She turned to me with her eyes wide open. Calling us was on her to-do list for that day!

We talked about the different services including support groups. I could tell this wasn’t easy, but our discussion, and our paths crossing that day, reassured her Harbor House is what she needs.

Shortly after this, she met Kristen Gondek, our Black Outreach Advocate and has decided to join one of the Harbor House support groups!

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Hmong advocates from Harbor House, Reach Counseling Services and Safe Harbor held a “Meet and Greet” at Long Cheng Marketplace in Appleton on October 28 and 29. Left to right: Julie Thao, Reach Counseling; Chamao Xiong, Safe Harbor; and Xong Lee, Harbor House.