If You Haven’t Watched “Maid” On Netflix Yet, We Highly Recommend You Do

The Netflix limited series “Maid” is being praised by many for its authentic portrayal of domestic abuse and violence.

The story of the streaming series introduces us to Alex, a young mother, leaving her (emotionally) abusive, alcoholic boyfriend and the struggles she faces to make ends meet.

Alex’s journey is a realistic depiction of the struggles and triumphs victim-survivors often go through. We see the time, energy and resources needed to navigate government and societal systems. Also, like the character, victims may not have a reliable or existing support system.

You will find yourself getting emotionally invested in Alex. Every positive step forward to independence and stability you are cheering, while every setback hits you in heart.

We applaud this show for shining a light on domestic abuse. Hopefully it will help educate, spark conversation, and encourage change.