Giving Time to Help Others

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

~ Mother Teresa

Every day we meet new individuals and children who are seeking a life free from domestic violence. Every day we are answering crisis calls, meeting with individual and families seeking safe shelter, hosting different groups for women and youth to come and support one another, going into schools and businesses to educate our community on domestic violence and so much more. It gets very easy for tasks such as organizing donations, yard work, office work, childcare during groups, etc to get hard to accommodate – this is where our phenomenal volunteer program comes to our rescue!

We are so fortunate to have some of the most amazing volunteers that help us with all aspects of our programming from child care, to building maintenance, answering crisis calls, helping out with IT tasks, prepping meals, organizing donations and so much more! Every single volunteer we have makes it possible for us to serve survivors and offer the programming we do. We have volunteers from age 13 to 75+ helping us on any given day and we could not be more proud of our volunteer team.

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and we would like to highlight a few of our volunteers and how they use their talents to support our organization.

Joanne + Lynn – our Mother/Daughter Donation Assistants team

Joanne and Lynn have been volunteering their time on a weekly basis at Harbor House for a number of years. Some of their major responsibilities include; sorting, organizing and tidying the donations in our basement. Joanne and Lynn were highlighted as our “Volunteers of the Year” in our 2018 Annual Report, get to know them better here.

Joanne + Lynn – Mother/Daughter Donation Assistants

“We truly look forward to our weekly time at Harbor House. It feels good to make a difference in our community.”

Joanne + Lynn


Bob – Building + Maintenance Extraordinaire

Bob has been an amazing, consistent volunteer for the past two years. He comes in two mornings a week to help with any building and maintenance tasks that need attention. He always brings his can-do attitude and his help has been HUGE throughout our construction project and as we settle in to our new space.

Liz – Evening Front Office Rock Star

Liz comes in after work once a week and helps out by staffing our front office, answering crisis calls and doing administrative work. Her timing is especially appreciated by our staff as it allows daytime staff to fill in the incoming nighttime staff on the day’s happenings more thoroughly. Liz always brings amazing energy and positive energy that is such a blessing to our organization.

The St.Joe’s Food Pantry Team 

Every Tuesday, St. Joseph’s Food Pantry team is here at Harbor House cleaning out the old food and restocking our residents with new, fresh food. They always bring their warm smiles, uplifting attitudes and always have fun while they are here.

Superhero Sunday Group 

One Sunday a month, a group of high school students from Hortonville High School come to Harbor House dressed up as superheros and play with the kids in shelter. Sometimes this means going out on our playground and playing basketball, kickball or other games. If they are stuck inside because of weather, they do arts and crafts, play board games, build with LEGOs and put on puppet shows. This group has been amazing for the kids staying here, as they are “cool kids” for our shelter children to look up to as positive role-models

Hortonville High School’s Superhero Sunday Volunteer group

Read more about our Superhero Sunday group in this highlight article done by the Post Cresent,  ‘It’s always cool to say you’re friends with Captain America’.

Charlie – our IT Guru

Charlie is our amazing IT guy, he helps our Office Manager with all tasks IT from; updating computer software, to installing TVs, to programming new phones, to helping with computer problems – Charlie has been such a blessing as we have added and upgrading all of our technology with our capital campaign.


This is just a very short list of some of our volunteers. We are beyond thankful for each and every volunteer and volunteer group that assists us throughout the year. In 2018, we had over 425 volunteers give their time to support Harbor House, which totaled over 9,350 hours. THANK YOU for support survivors of domestic violence by sharing your talents, time and energy with us. Because of volunteers mother are able to come to support groups because we can offer childcare. Because of our volunteers we are able to keep our building functioning and welcoming for individuals and families seeking safe shelter. Because of our volunteers hundreds of individuals and children are able to get the support they need to live their lives free from the challenges of domestic violence that they have experienced.

The art of volunteering and making a difference looks different for everyone, but no act of volunteerism is too small. Volunteering and giving your time and talent is changing someone’s world. Would you or you and a group of friends be interested in spending time together while making a difference in the lives of others in our community? Check out our volunteer opportunities, here.