Support Services

At Harbor House, we appreciate that you are a unique individual with a specific set of needs. When you seek help through one of our programs, an advocate will work with you to establish a unique plan tailored specifically to your individual needs. You guide the direction of the support we provide. Our role is to provide information, assistance, resources, and encouragement.

Our programming incorporates a number of key services, including:

Individual Counseling | Support Groups | Legal Advocacy | Economic Advocacy | Transportation Services | Safe Space for Pets

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One-on-One Counseling

Our one-one-one counseling service offers you connection and support in a nonjudgmental environment. Counseling sessions cover a variety of topics including in-depth information on domestic abuse, the power and control cycle, and strategies for coping with trauma. Advocates can also direct you to support groups, legal and economic advocacy, and other community resources.

In addition to assisting adults who have been victimized by domestic abuse, we also offer counseling services for children and teens affected by domestic abuse. Through one-on-one interactions with Youth Advocates, your child will learn that they are not responsible for the abuse. Advocates will also teach your child nonviolent conflict resolution, healthy coping skills, and positive ways to channel their emotions.

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Support Groups

At Harbor House, our goal is to help you rebuild your support network while removing obstacles to empowerment. Our weekly support groups play a big part in these efforts. We have a number of support groups covering a wide range of topics from basic domestic abuse education to self-esteem and healthy coping strategies.

See the full schedule of support groups here.

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Economic Advocacy

Our economic advocacy services are available to all clients, whether you’re staying in our shelter or seeking assistance as an outside client. You’ll work individually with an advocate to evaluate your specific financial needs and find solutions. Our economic advocacy services include:

  • Basic education on financial literacy and the effects of financial abuse.
  • Assistance completing applications for continuing education and financial aid.
  • Job counseling and instruction on resume writing, interview techniques, and computer skills.
  • Mentorships, job experience through Goodwill, and help obtaining gainful employment.
  • Help accessing healthcare, mental health resources, housing, and other social services.
  • Assistance obtaining replacement identification, transportation, and childcare.

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Transportation Services

Access to safe, affordable transportation is often a significant barrier to steady employment and self-sufficiency. Our Safe Shuttle service transports shelter residents to locations like the Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security Office, and the Community Clothes Closet. We’ve also been able to secure bus passes for clients. For clients with vehicles, the JumpStart Auto Repair Program offers free auto repairs. We’ve also been able to secure gas vouchers, and we offer a weekly Dare to Repair class that teaches women the basics of automotive care.

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Safe Space for Pets

At Harbor House, we realize that some members of your family may be a little furrier than others and we want to remove any barriers to accessing our shelter. In order to acknowledge the therapeutic benefits that pets bring their owners during this difficult transition in their lives, we provide secure accommodation for our residents’ pets. To our knowledge, no other domestic abuse program in our region accepts pets in house, and we are the first shelter in the state of Wisconsin to be listed as a SAF-T Shelter. Please note: pets have a short-term stay.