Personal Safety

At Harbor House, we’re committed to ensuring your personal safety. We realize that you may be taking a risk by reaching out to us for assistance, and we want to make sure you have access to immediate emergency support during this critical time. We provide a number of emergency services including a 24-hour domestic abuse helpline, safe shelter, and safety planning.


Our 24-hour crisis helpline serves as your first link to safety and support. When you call our helpline, Harbor House staff and specially trained volunteers will assess your needs and direct you to additional services. Calls to our helpline are anonymous, confidential, and free. Voice, TTY, and video phone communication available.


 (920) 832-1666    OR    (800) 970-1171

Abuse Shelter

Our 55-bed facility in Appleton offers safe shelter at no cost to women and children fleeing domestic abuse. Men seeking refuge from abuse are provided alternative shelter based on level of need. Because keeping you safe from your abusive partner is our number one priority, you cannot be put on a waiting list or turned away when seeking assistance through our Shelter Program.

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Safety Planning

If you’re in an abusive relationship or attempting to remove yourself from one, we encourage you to meet with an advocate to develop a safety plan. A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan that helps you avoid unsafe situations before, during, and after leaving your abuser. A good safety plan is tailored to your unique situation and considers multiple crisis scenarios.

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