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Everyone has the right to feel safe and be happy. 

At Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs, we can offer safety and security, as well as a wide range of programs to help you ultimately achieve a greater sense of self-esteem and wellbeing.

If you are in danger or wish to speak with an advocate, please call.


   (920) 832-1666

Dialing Phone For Help

Personal Safety

Your personal safety should always be your first priority when leaving an unhealthy relationship. Our 24-hour crisis helpline offers quick, confidential access to Harbor House staff and specially trained volunteers who can direct you to additional services including safe shelter and safety planning.

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Support Services

In addition to ensuring your safety, we provide a number of services to help you recover from the trauma of abuse, establish a support network, and ultimately take the steps necessary to achieve personal growth and empowerment.

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Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs

At Harbor House, we’re leading a community-wide effort to end domestic abuse. This is a lofty mission, but one that we hope to accomplish using an interdisciplinary approach that addresses this complex problem from multiple angles and perspectives. In our efforts to make this goal a reality, we’ve developed a number of programs. These include our Shelter Program, Women’s Program, Youth Program, Community Outreach and Education Program, Domestic Violence Intervention Program, and Calumet Country Rural Outreach Program.

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iBecause a substantial majority of our clients are women, this program is referred to as the “Women’s Program” and program advocates are referred to as “Women’s Advocates.” On this website, we also sometimes refer to program clients as “women.” Despite this use of nomenclature, we realize that domestic abuse also affects men, and we make most of our programming – including individual counseling, safety planning, legal advocacy, and domestic advocacy – available to men as well.