Careers at Harbor House

Our success as an organization would not be possible without our highly competent and compassionate staff. We are committed to paying our employees a living wage, offering opportunities for professional growth, and respecting our employees in all of the roles they play in life. We also place an emphasis on wellness and self-care, and we have systems in place to support staff members.

At Harbor House, we have been fortunate enough to attract and hire a number of talented team members who also reflect the diversity of our community and the clients that we serve. Staff members’ annual work plans include goals directed at serving diverse populations, and we employ several bilingual staff members.


Interested in Working for Harbor House?

Check out the following job descriptions to see if you’re a fit for our organization. Send all applications and questions regarding job postings to Thank you!

Coordinator, Marketing & Donor Relations

Date Added: July 19th, 2021

The Marketing and Donor Relations Coordinator role is to implement marketing and communication strategies addressing key constituencies (clients, donors, volunteers, community supporters, and others as appropriate).

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Manager, Calumet County Outreach

Date Added: July 12th, 2021

The Manager, Calumet County Outreach is focused on development and execution of Harbor House’s outreach and information/education to Calumet County. This position will also provide an active role in supporting victims/survivors of domestic violence.

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